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Retrofitting is not the only service provided by dbj Automation Inc. We also represent several software companies and provide hardware to connect your Plate Cutter to your Engineering department via fiber-optics or wireless networking. Some of the software companies we represent are:

A leader in the HVAC business, Metalab Practicam® provides a turnkey software package at a very competitive price.

PractiCAM™ is a state-of-the-art, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and estimating system for sheet metal work, including HVAC, construction, machine-building and ship-building applications, architectural, roofing and kitchen products, sign making, decorative metalwork and other areas.

If something can be designed and made out of sheet metal (or any sheet material), PractiCAM can design and make it for you.

  FASTCAM   FASTCAM® ia a cost-effective software package for generating and nesting shapes for plate and pipe cutting.

The FastCAM® System has been specifically developed for reproduction (takeoff) of traditional line drawings suitable for Processing & Nesting, via NC controlled, two dimensional (2D) cutting equipment.

The FastCAM® System has been designed so that most functions are intuitive and obvious, making the Learning Curve very small. Engineers, Draftsman & Tradesman, will find the system both Powerful and Simple to use.

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